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Bike Builds  |  3 February 2022

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Wreckers to Checkers production powered by MXstore presents another episode of the Bike Builds project, this time we are taking a brand new GasGas EC 300 and turning an already capable bike into the ultimate trail riding weapon! Follow along as Nige installs a bunch of hand-picked trick parts and upgrades this bike in the MXstore Garage. Changes to the suspension, bolting on a bunch of protection goodies, personalising the cockpit and plenty MORE!

Watch the latest episode below!

Why the GasGas EC 300?

A 300cc 2 stroke is renowned for being great straight out of the box no matter which brand you choose. Smooth tractable power delivery and less weight than a 4-stroke make up the ingredients for a great trail riding weapon. The reason behind choosing GasGas over other manufacturers was purely from a bang for buck point of view, it has the lowest RRP of all the machines available. Knowing we would be installing a bunch of parts, this was the best option for us. Finally, the new owner isn't someone who rides every weekend, so choosing the smooth power delivery and weight advantage makes it fit for purpose in every way.

Parts used and why?


  • Suspension resprung and re-valved - Costanzo setup

Firstly, one of the most important upgrades to any bike is getting the suspension dialled and set up. The forks and shock were sent over to Charlie at Costanzo Racing Tuned to be resprung and re-valved to suit rider weight and riding style.

Gearing, Tyres and Tubes:

The EC300 like many of the other road-legal trail bikes are set up ADR approved, which means the gearing and tyres are suited to both on and offroad riding. So a change to the front sprocket from a 14t down to a Ballard's 13t adjusted the gearing to better suit offroad riding. Also replacing the tyres with specific Michelin Starcross 5 offroad tyres and heavy-duty tubes were needed to allow this weapon to get maximum traction in the bush.


Now with any offroad riding your bike is exposed to the elements and has a high chance of receiving unwanted damage, so protecting this machine was the next priority. Using carbon fibre parts from P3 like a pipe guard, skid plate, shock guard, TPI cover and disc guard allowed the bike to be protected while also keeping it ultra-lightweight! Next on the protection list was adding a Force Accessories case saver and Ballard's Radiator Guards, there's nothing worse than when a day is cut short from a rock or stick destroying your radiator.


With the rider in mind, next was setting up the cockpit/control area to suit a six-foot-plus trail rider. The handlebars were upgraded to Renthal Twinwalls with a KTM-high bend along with upgraded MSC bar mounts and steering damper to help keep the bike stable in the rough terrain. On top of that, Renthal Kevlar grips and a Ballard's billet throttle tube and bar ends were installed to save the controls on an inevitable tip over. To protect the rider's hands while navigating the bush, Acerbis X-Future handguards were installed to save that stick or rock hitting you that you just didn't see.


Everyone enjoys personalising their bike to what they like, so we fitted black UFO plastics with a NineTwo Decals graphics kit along with a black Strike Seats seat cover to really make this bike pop! The best part about this is when it comes time to sell the bike, the original plastics and seat cover can be reinstalled to make the bike look brand new all over again.

Check out the before and after below:

The ultimate trail riding weapon:

With all of the above upgrades fitted this bike exceeded our expectations in performance and looks, while also adding loads of protection and personal rider comfort. The new owner is stoked and can't wait to get out on the open trail with a machine that is built with the specific rider in mind. Stay tuned for more bike builds to come and the 2nd season of Wreckers to Checkers, we hope to see you at the track or trail soon!

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