Dirt bike suspension is something that can improve your riding ability immensely and change the entire feel of the dirt bike. Suspension set up is super complex and the different settings are interchangeable by small shock spring adjusters, different spring rates, spring preload, and many more aspects. All of which can be done professionally by experts or you can service your forks manually.

We offer a huge selection of motorcycle suspension upgrades or replacement items when you require a service. We offer a range of fork oils, oil level tools, preload adjuster tools, OEM replacement bushings, fork seals, and dust covers to help you with your suspension performance characteristics.

We offer a range of fork bleeders, Lowering linkages, Replacement top of the fork caps with unique clickers and valving options, and more! We have options to suit many models of Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda models!

Motocross and Enduro machines are set up differently and every rider has their preference of softer settings or a more rigid feeling in the rear suspension or the fork springs. All of which are interchangeable depending on your riding style. Compression damping and rebound damping can be altered with ease and are usually found on the bottom of the fork leg, using a screwdriver or a suspension tuner tool to adjust accordingly. Ensuring you have enough suspension travel on your off-road machine can change the dirt bike suspension feeling altogether and help you tackle smaller obstacles.