Kids Motorbike Gear

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Racing", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=249705&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Scott", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=624&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Seven", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=2273&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Shift", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=625&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Shot Race Gear", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=253669&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Thor", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=641&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Troy Lee Designs", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=644&rf=cn" },{ "name": "Unit", "url": "/category/motocross-gear/kids-motocross-gear/?cn=645&rf=cn" },null ] } ]

Kids Motocross Gear

Kids Motocross Gear - if it's not one the best damn investments you'll ever make then we're not sure what is! Here at MXstore, the sport of dirt bike riding has always been about family. The weekends away, the vibe at the local races, the comradery between riders, whether in competition or not. And most of us were first introduced to the sport through our parents, so it's only natural to associate the whole thing with family. And if there's one thing that we are more passionate about than any other, it's ensuring that no matter who you are, what age group you're in, or what level of riding you do, every single time you throw a leg over a dirt bike, you are as protected as you can possibly be.

And that's where our Kids Motorbike Gear comes in! We've got absolutely everything when it comes to the young ones, from Kids MX Helmets and Kids Motocross Boots, to kids jerseys, kids pants, kids gloves, kids body armour, kids neck braces, and everything in between. Honestly, you will not find a company anywhere in the world that is more passionate about ensuring the safety of any kids who are involved in dirt bike riding in one way or another. And that's not just because it pays the bills; we've all grown up being involved in the dirt bike industry, and it's something that we're extremely passionate about, so when it comes to the safety of the future of the sport in our kids, it's certainly not something we take lightly!

We invested a huge amount of resources in detailing a range of Motocross Buying Guides to ensure you guys are equipped with all the essential information you need when you're looking at purchasing some gear for your little ones (and yourself for that matter!). It can quite an investment if you're just getting started, what with the bike itself and all the protection and riding gear available, so if you are new to it you'll want to take some time to have a read through and get up to speed on what you need to be looking at. Our team here is always more than happy to help, so if you're ever uncertain or stuck on something, jump onto our live chat to get in touch with the crew.

Now if you have any concerns about buying your Youth Motocross Gear online due to sizing issues, be sure to check out our comprehensive Motocross Gear Sizing Guide, where we've dived into some of the finer details of what to look for when you're measuring and how some brands may differ across different categories. Our product pages themselves also offer some in-depth sizing information, just click on the Size Guide icon to bring up the related pages. And again, if the information isn't there or you find yourself struggling to figure out what it means, the team here is definitely happy to help you.

We hope this has given you a little insight into the Kids Motorbike Gear ranges that we have on offer here and how to go about getting the young ones some fresh kit! The Kids MX Gear Sets is a good starting point (assuming you've already got helmets and boots!). We offer one of the largest ranges of Kids Gear in the entire world from all of the biggest brands, so there will certainly be something there for everyone. And remember, all orders over $20 will qualify you for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia, so take advantage of that offer and get involved today. Good luck with your shopping, and from the whole team here at MXstore, Ride Safe Legends.