Motocross is widely regarded as a fairly punishing activity for your body - something you could easily say about riding a dirt bike or ATV in general. The wacka-packer like workout given to your body by the moto track or enduro trail can leave even regular riders with muscle ache for days after a ride, and that's without even taking part in a body meets ground incidents.  For those incidents, there is a pretty tried and tested list of safety items with which to equip yourself : Full face helmet, boots, riding gear, knee braces or knee guards and chest protectors all help to ensure you come out any crash as best you can. But even with this list of accessories checked off, you can still look forward to the general ache that comes from putting typically under-utilized muscles to work that only an off road adventure can do. And while your muscles are aching and getting shaken into oblivion, your inner organs are copping some pretty serious treatment as well.

Most inner organs have evolved to handle whatever the human body can get up to and come through the other side fairly unscathed. One organ that does get given a bit more hurry up is your kidneys. These little guys are not secured to any strong structures within your body, and with all the shaking and shuddering of off road riding, they get easily jostled around and end up showing signs of tenderness and inflammation. To help alleviate this occurrence, plenty of riders make use of a motorcycle kidney belt. When properly fastened, a kidney belt can help to limit the movement of your inner organs while your riding, and help reduce the ache after a day of riding. Additionally, they often help reduce the lower back discomfort that comes on during or after riding by offering significant back support , helping you stay on your bike more often and for longer. Plenty of manufacturers offer kidney belts as part of their larger ranges of safety items, sitting in amongst MX goggles and body armour safety offerings. Fox Racing, Thor, O'Neal Kidney Belts, Fly Racing, Leatt Kidney Belts and EVS are but a few who continue to offer kidney belts for both junior and senior motorbike riders. Not generally regarded as a necessity for your outfit, it certainly pays to get as much safety gear onto your young chargers from the outset, so that they develop the habits to ensure a long and healthy riding career.