If you have yet to hear of Stacyc, these guys are an electric balance bike company out of the USA. They produce a several models of battery powered Stacyc stability cycles, the Stacyc 12eDrive and the larger Stacyc 16Edrive. These epic little electric bikes are designed for those little rippers who have yet to get onto their training wheels on a BMX or mini mountain bike and are still mastering the art of balance. The Stacyc Bikes offer an epic progression tool thanks to their low seat height and the various modes that can be selected to best suit your groms. The non-powered mode allows the Stacyc to be used as standard push bike balance bike, and as they develop their balance and ability users can move through the 3 powered options: Training mode offering slow speeds, Standard for a fast walk and Advanced mode for the more capable chargers, all of which deliver an exceptional amount of giggles.

These little electric vehicles are all about building the skills for the next generation of riders. Mastering the twist throttle at an early age helps with the hand-eye coordination need for dirt bikes and moto riding in general. Here at MXstore we stock an assortment of Stacyc accessories to keep your little machine running. If you can't see what you are needing, get in contact with our friendly customer service team by phone, email or live chat and they will happily help you out.