We all love the sound of a two-stroke with a new exhaust system. Expansion chambers are the head component of the exhaust pipe before tailing into the muffler at the rear of the motorcycle. Typically we recommend investing in an entire system for your 2 stroke engine to have power gains across the entire RPM range and powerband in torque and HP! 

Aftermarket two-stroke exhausts are built to maintain steady and consistent airflow and reduce the amount of backpressure built up in the silencer. Whether you have a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Gas Gas or Suzuki two-stroke motorcycle we are sure to stock something to fit your machine! Most exhaust ports hold the head pipe with bolts and springs to ensure no exhaust gases are getting released and causing an air leak which can affect the pressurized system the engine and exhaust are working together to create while you race.

We stock some of the world's most sought after 2 stroke pipes from FMF 2 Stroke ExhaustPro Circuit, Dep pipes, Bill's Pipes and Ballard's Expansion Chambers. Motocross and enduro bikes are usually pushed to the limit out on the track, making those two-stroke engines sing under any racers' grip. Many of these Exhausts will increase top-end performance and further the powerband range in each gear selection to optimize performance and maximise engine power curves.