Comfort starts at the base layer in the range of your bike accessories in your gear bag. Any material in direct contact with your skin must be moisture-wicking, cool and above all comfortable. Manufacturers of motocross, supercross, enduro, ATV, MTB, and BMX products have done extensive research to produce materials that achieve the perfect balance between these three qualities. These materials are commonly used to produce dirt bike riding socks that provide riders with the moisture-wicking they need, breath-ability they deserve and the comfort and feel they demand!
There are two main styles of motocross socks each serving a specific purpose. A traditional off-road riding sock covers the majority of the calf and is made from a thicker material that is uniform throughout its construction. This style of sock is used by 90 percent of riders.  A knee brace sock covers everything from your little toe all the way up to your upper thigh. This sock resembles a traditional riding sock at the bottom and transitions into a slimmer compression style legging at the top. This style of motocross sock is aimed at those riders who have a pair of knee braces or knee guards.
At MXstore we have a massive range of pro-MX socks from all your favorite brands including Troy Lee Designs, 100 PercentThorAlpinestarsEVSFly RacingFox RacingOnealLeatt and many more. 
A new pair of MX socks can dramatically improve your riding experience, it can also give an old pair of MX boots a fresh feel and is a great default birthday present. So before you jump on the track or go out for your next adventure, be sure to grab yourself a fresh pair of riding socks and Ride More!