There is one product on the market for dirt bike gear which can be the difference in a simple bruise and thousands of dollars in dental and medical bills.

Motocross Handlebar Pads are such a simple piece of insurance for your face and teeth yet somehow hundreds of riders will go without one either for looks or from laziness. But if you have ever seen the results of a human face coming in contact with the handlebar clamps of a dirt bike you will soon be putting a handlebar pad on your bike.. And all of your mates bikes for that matter!

At MXstore we stock every colour of Handlebar Pad you can think of from all of the major brands in motocross handlebars. We carry a variety of sizes and styles to suit all different bikes and handlebar types. And with pricing all well within the $50 mark including free shipping you have really run out of excuses not to have a handlebar pad!

If you aren’t sure about what dirt bike handlebar pads are suitable for your particular bike or bars, simply contact our friendly customer service team who will happily assist you with making the right decision.