RHK has been serving the Australian motorcycle industry with high quality performance parts and accessories since its inception back in 2005. One of the great Australian success stories, RHK has grown to become one of the most popular brands for every kind of aftermarket parts and accessories you can imagine. From billet aluminium levers and pedals, to anodized bling bits, RHK handlebars and holeshot devices, RHK offers perhaps the most comprehensive range in the whole industry. Better yet, they're available at a price that competitors are simply unable to match. For high quality parts at an extremely affordable price, RHK is your number one go to brand.

Formed through Australian powerhouse John Titman Racing, RHK has its roots buried in motorcycle history going right back to 1982, when JTR was first formed. Recognising the need for an affordable Australian brand to take on the international motorcycle market, John Titman took it upon himself to bring RHK to the forefront of the industry. Prominent among the seemingly endless range of RHK products are a huge assortment of replacement brake and clutch levers. Available for almost every kind of dirt bike ever made, RHK are proud to offer a range of brake and clutch levers that puts the competition to shame. Offering all the colours you can think of, RHK levers are exactly what you want when it comes to replacing two of the most essential components on your motorbike.

Edged out slightly by the lever category is one of RHK's crown jewels when it comes to high performance parts at an affordable price - RHK Chains. Indeed, the RHK Heavy Duty O'Ring Chain is one of the most popular products on the market. The chain is another of the most important parts on a dirt bike, so you want to ensure you have the highest quality product you can get your hands on. With a stack of features and benefits to match even the most expensive of competitors, RHK chains have everything you want and more, but are much kinder on your wallet than other brands (not to mention you're supporting a true blue Australian brand). HD-X Ring chains and MXHD chains fill out the rest of the RHK chain range, and with multiple colours available to suit your personal taste, there's no reason you'd go anywhere else when it comes to dirt bike chains. 

Here at MXstore, we have a wealth of brands available at our fingertips. But as an Australian company ourselves, RHK will always be a little closer to our hearts than some of their overseas based competitors. Our main goal is the continued growth of the Australian motorcycle industry through the improved safety and accessibility of the sport, something we truly believe a brand like RHK wholeheartedly supports. The high quality of their products means putting a set of RHK footpegs will ensure the safe performance of your machine while you're out riding, and their competitive prices offer a much more affordable product more likely to appeal to a wider range of dirt bike enthusiasts. Support the sport that you love, and shop RHK at MXstore today!