Womens Motocross Gear

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Womens Motocross Gear

Womens Motocross Gear is one of our favourite categories here at MXstore, and a source of immense pride. We carry the widest range of Women's MX Gear of anywhere in the country, and with more and more chicks getting involved in riding dirt bikes every day, we're big believes in ensuring that never changes. Gone are the days of gender roles and stereotyping; now are the days of chicks gearing up on the weekend and throwing down some serious lap times on the track! And it's not just the MX tracks either, there are women everywhere in the Enduro scene, Adventure riding, Trials and Trail riding, even Dirt Track and Freestyle. One thing is for sure, women riding dirt bikes is a growing trend, and we couldn't be happier with making sure they have all the riding and protective gear available to make it as safe as possible.

As with our mens and kids categories, the Womens Motocross Gear Sets is one of the most popular lineups we have. Unfortunately, some brands are a little behind the eight ball when it comes to women in the sport, and don't yet offer women's specific gear. Luckily for us (and you!), there are a number of brands that definitely do! Fox Racing, Thor, Fly Racing, Answer, and O'Neal have all come to the party with their own lines of women's racewear, and we're not kidding when we say this is some of the best gear you'll lay eyes on. Women's specific cuts and sizing make things a whole lot easier for all you ladies out there, and with some chicks colourways and designs mixed in amongst it, there's going to be something for everyone. 

Women's MX Helmets are a little different to the gear, as when it comes down to it, there's really no difference between a guy and a girls head shape, so they're all just grouped into an Adult Sizing option. Of course, there's a bunch of women specific colourways throughout the whole motocross helmet lineup, but on the whole, we're not going to judge what can and can't be classified as a "woman's helmet", any more than we're going to classify a "male helmet". At the end of the day, the only deciding factor is going to be your personal preference of what you want out of a helmet, so whether you're a male or a female, just make that you've got yourself a helmet every time you're going riding! Same goes for our range of Women's Motocross Goggles - they're the same thing as the guys goggles, it's up to you what colour and design you want to run.

There are a few other categories that are going to feature products designed specifically for females though. Motocross Boots can be a hard one to judge, and often chicks will choose to ride with "men's boots", as they're damn near identical in most aspects. We do carry a range of Women's Motocross Boots though, and while it may not be the largest range (one reason why some ladies will simply choose to ride in Men's Boots), the sizing and shape is specifically designed to be more suited to a female, as well as offering women specific sizes. Of course, it's hard for anyone to say what a definable difference is between a male and a female foot, as they both come in all different shapes and sizes, but hey, we're not the ones making the rules! Whichever way you may choose to go ladies, just make sure you've got a decent set of motocross boots that fit you well. 

Now, in amongst all these amazing categories and ranges lies the most important factor of buying yourself some new Womens MX gear, and that's your sizing. Thankfully, we've invested some time and resources into putting together a comprehensive MXstore Sizing Chart, making it a simple task to figure out what you need and ensuring you're getting the right products first time around. We've dived into most of the key categories and areas that you may require assistance with, and even done some brand analysis across the different sizing in the main brands. If you can't find what you're looking for in the sizing chart, be sure to check out the product pages themselves, as they'll often be loaded with a heap of useful information to get you started.

Keep in mind that any order of Women's Motocross Gear over $20 will score you free shipping to anywhere in Australia, so let MXstore worry about paying to ship your stuff out. We've got big dreams about making the sport as safe and accessible to everyone as possible, so the more we can lower the financial burden of stocking up on your necessary motocross gear, the better we're going to be feeling about ourselves. So good luck with your shopping ladies, and as always, Ride Safe.