Founded on the west coast of Japan in 1941, EK Chains has grown to be one of the largest chain manufactures in the world. Revolutionising the chain market in the mid 70's by introducing the worlds first sealed O-ring chain was only the beggining, and it didn't take long for competitors try to replicate the high quality standard EK had set. Forever pushing forward with research and development and being one of the only chain companies having ISO 9001 standards, it's safe to say EK's quality will never disappoint. 

Continuously striving to be ahead of the game and designing the worlds first O-Ring chain, it wasn't long before EK stepped into the dirt bike world and perfected their creation with their range of QX-Ring Chains. The specially designed "QX-Rings" reduce contact points between links on the chain which give the chain a 50% longer life then standard O-ring chains, this also means less friction between links giving a smoother action. Perfect for all types of dirt bike riding, MX, enduro, trail riding and adventure, the QX-Ring will out last any competitor on the market with it's tensile strength of 8,630lbs. They also look awesome in the huge range of colours available.

If you're a competitive racer, a low friction lightweight chain can mean the world of difference in fast straights and tight corners. The EK Heavy Duty Race Chains are a top of the line non O-ring race chain, offering everything you could need to get the job done. With a tensile strength of 8,900lbs and the super low friction designed links, EK Race Chains also have chromium carbide pins which are designed to increase the hardness and reduce chain wear, making them the ultimate race chain for any discipline. Also available in a wide range of colours, EK Race Chains don't just perform the best, they look the best.