Whether you are on a Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or KTM adventure bike, when planning any sort of extended dual sport or adventure ride, you should certainly make sure you are properly equipped. Having the appropriate riding gear and accessories does a lot towards making the experience more enjoyable. Having a properly designed adventure motorcycle helmet will better serve you when spending extended time on your motorcycle. Adventure helmets typically feature a full face helmet design with a peak to offer respite from shade and roost, similar to motocross helmets, but have an integrated face shield similar to a road helmet. This face shield visor is used instead of goggles and offers a tight seal around the eye port to reduce noise and repel foreign objects whether you are on or off road. MXstore stocks a large range of these dual sport helmets from a wide array of manufacturers, including Bell Helmets, AGV, Oneal, Fly Racing, Airoh and Arai helmets. Another type of helmet that is highly regarded for this type of riding are modular helmets. These helmets allow the entire mouth piece of the helmet to be raised and give the feel and comfort of an open face helmet. When the riding is of a lower speed, or your tyres are on the asphalt coming into town after the hard yards, lifting the visor on your helmet for some well earned breeze is an amazing feature of both these types of helmets. As well, many are designed to easily accommodate intercom communication setups to allow you to enjoy the ride with your fellow riders during the ride, and not just at the pub once you're done.