There is one brand that has been at the forefront of motocross protection and hardwear since way back in 1985. After years of knee injuries and a lack of adequate protective equipment in the market, two men decided to go ahead a revolutionize the sport of motocross, and thus, EVS Sports was born. Their very first product, the AMX-5 knee brace, was the first ever motocross specific knee brace, and was embraced with open arms by some of the world's best racers at the time. Fast forward to present day, and EVS still finds themselves at the forefront of the motocross protective game. EVS Knee Braces have come a long way since the AMX-5, and today offer some of the most highly advanced and technologically superior braces in the industry. 

Continuing the trend of highly advanced motocross protective equipment, EVS Neck Braces and Neck Supports tackle one of the most important areas of injury prevention and come out with gold stars all round. Their premium level R4K brace offers a serious level of technology and protection to both Adults and Kids at an affordable price, while their R3 and R3 race collars offer a less expensive alternative for those who might not be racing at a high level. When it comes to protecting the neck and spine, any sort of protection is an advantage, and a brand like EVS knows what they're doing when it comes to minimising the risks involved in the sport of motocross.

Furthering their range of upper body protective equipment, EVS offer one of the most complete ranges of shoulder braces available today. Crucial elements in the sport of motocross, shoulders are one of the most injury-susceptible joints in the whole body, so whether your shoulders are fighting fit or have sustained damage in the past, a shoulder brace should definitely be on your list of must-haves. EVS Shoulder Braces come in four different styles, each offering varying levels of support and movement management. Designed to provide an increased level of muscle and ligament support, these braces also offer compression to ensure the performance of the shoulder and surrounding tissue. With easy on/off designs and adjustable closures, the range of different sizes allows you to achieve the perfect fit, and when you finally get out and hit the track or trail, you won't even feel like you're wearing a brace at all. 

And what range of protective gear would be complete without some good old fashioned body armour? EVS have got you covered (literally) with their huge range of EVS Body Armour to ensure you stay as protected as possible out there on your machine. With a range of options including complete body suits, hard shell armours, lightweight chest protectors and simple roost protectors, EVS armour has got your back out on the track. Travis Pastrana himself is a huge fan of the EVS armour range, and indeed a fan of the EVS brand as a whole. The love goes both ways, and as a token of their appreciation to Pastrana's years of unwaivering support, EVS and Travis teamed up to develop the TP199 Travis Pastrana Knee Guards. For a rider of Pastrana's calibre to so strongly support a brand, you can rest assured their products will be doing exactly what they're made to do - PROTECT