Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Adventure Gear

One of the greatest opportunities provided to us as dirt bike enthusiasts is the ability to get out into the wild and off of the beaten track. Of course that could just be a few hours at the motocross track or an arvo enduro in the bush, but to truly experience the sense of escape a motorcycle can deliver, adventure riding is hard to top. Loading up your dual sport adventure motorcycle and heading off-road for an extended adventure has always been regarded as the ultimate escape. Modern adventure bikes have certainly made this experience more accessible to more riders, with the modern machines from BMW, KTM, Husqvarna or Honda all offering substantial improvements in the way of reliability and comfort over their earlier counterparts. As well as immeasurable improvements to the bikes on which to get out there on, adventure gear has come along way in regards to both comfort and safety. Modern adventure helmets feature increased safety technology, a wide range of visor options to accommodate a wide variety of conditions and improved goggle compatibility. Riding gear has also seen an influx of modern technologies and modern fabrics, with waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex now showing up on a lot of adventure jackets and adventure pants, with Coolmax fabrics available on most base layer items, keeping you dry and cool for the ride. The adventure motorcycle rider really has an exceptional range of dedicated motorcycle gear on offer - all the way through to the assortment of riding boots now focused on this type of riding. Adventure boots feature many design elements to make the all day slog a bit more comfortable and practical, without compromising on safety. The final piece of the adventure artillery is to equip your machine with a suitable storage means, and nowadays the wide range of gearbags, tank bags and panniers all add much in the way of storage, without impeding the stability of the machine or the comfort of it's rider.