If there is one brand that is synonymous with the Australian action sports scene, it would have to be Unit. Established in 2002 by brothers Paul and Ian Everest in the suburban Gold Coast garage of their parents, Unit went from very humble beginnings and limited resources to a brand recognized across not only Australia, but the international action sports landscape.

From the outset, Unit Clothing were known for pumping out iconic t-shirt designs, very much at the cutting edge and unafraid of pushing the boundaries. These unique designs certainly struck the right note with the punters they were targeting, and the awareness of the brand and what they were up to grew. You couldn’t swing a cat around a Gold Coast nightclub and not hit someone wearing a piece of their kit as things heated up. The brand went beyond the typical relationship that a piece of clothing offered, becoming a way of life for many who desired to “Justify their existence”.

Unit’s modern designs are matched by an equivalent approach to the marketing of their brand. They have now established a strong presence across motocross, FMX, MTB and BMX and even V8 Supercars by supporting both established and up and coming rippers, as well as offering support to a variety of events across the globe. Unit’s wide range of riding gear and clothing can be found on current superstars Robbie Maddison, Corey Creed and Harry Bink when both on and off their machines, and some of the world’s leading racers, freestylers, mountain bikers and BMXers have spent time as members of the Unit family.

As Unit have grown so has the range of products they offer, expanding from the initial tees and hats with a wide variety of casual offerings for both men - boardshorts, walkshorts and an expanding range of headwear made up the mens clothing range, while for the ladies there was swimwear and handbags even. Their well-known ignition logo would end up on plenty of Unit accessories that were both practical and well designed – grabbing the standard Father’s Day and Xmas offerings of socks and undies has been spiced up with a range wallets, bottle openers and keyrings that fire up dads all over the country. Hoodies, jumpers and longer pants, and your choice of some good quality thongs or fleece lined ugg boots have the harsh Aussie winter covered. Accessories in the way of eyewear and even watches have allowed you to rep the unit logo at almost any type of occasion.  

To complement their casual and accessory ranges, Unit have stepped up to the plate big time in the last few years, now offering a full assortment of riding gear - pants, jerseys and gloves - as well as a variety of bags and backpacks to get it all to and from the track. A collaboration with M2R has seen Unit Helmets available to complete your look.