In the enduro world, there’s one face almost anyone could recognise - Geoff Ballard. Being the man behind Ballard’s Off Road, the multi time ISDE Gold Medalist and Australian Off Road Enduro Champion has always strived for improving products and making them easier to use for the general riding public. Founded in 1989, Ballard’s has grown from manufacturing only a few products in a small garage to now manufacturing hundreds of trick bike parts, tools and accessories. Having been put to the test by names like Stefan Merriman, Matthew Phillips, Daniel Milner, Chris Hollis, Jessica Gardiner and the man himself “GB”. With the attitude of “problem solving products” in mind, it has helped the respectably successful Ballard’s Off Road Race Team in winning it’s multiple Australian Titles over the years.

Changing tyres has never been fun for anyone, especially if you’re using mousse or heavy duty tubes. The Ballard’s Tyre Changer was designed and put to the test by GB, who knows a thing or 2 about changing tyres. The double pivot arm was designed for better positioning and more leverage on those hard to break tyre beads whilst the centre pin keeps everything in position. This along with the wide range of tyre levers and tools, Ballard’s has what you need to get the job done properly either in the shed or in the bush!

One of the most recent products from Ballard’s is the Moto Clinch which coincides with the release of the Ballard's catalogue. This is designed for holding your bike into your van, ute or trailer by hooking over the front wheel and locking it down. Without the hassle of tripping over tie downs, it also prevents your forks from being under load, which means longer life out of your seals. If you do prefer tie downs, Ballard’s also has a wide range of travelling accessories to offer.  

2017 kicked off big for Ballard’s, releasing a new range of Gear Bags. The Too Easy Gear Bag made completely from heavy duty, tear resistant polyester will withstand all of your dirty gear and long travels while fitting all of your gear in without any problems. Complemented by the Premium Goggle Case and Boot Bag which are also made of heavy duty tear resistant polyester, Ballard’s has your luggage needs covered.