One minor inconvenience that comes with owning a motocross bike is the lack of a side stand.  Most federations and race organizers have deemed them to be a hazard on the track and as such no longer an item manufacturers bother selling bikes equipped with. The typical kickstand style bike stand that comes equipped OEM on most dirt bikes have for many years not come on modern MX machines. Most enduro machines still come with a side stand to allow you to pull up and park on the trail or wherever the ride takes you. Side stands have been removed from the motocross bikes from Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki, as well as KTM and Husqvarna motocross bikes,  so when time comes to roll your new bike out of the shop you had best make sure that a device to hold your bike is one essential you get sorted as well. 

A triangle stand is the most basic of motocross stands. As the name suggests, these triangle shaped heavy duty steel work by simply inserting the upper part of your dirt bike triangle stand into the rear axle of your dirt bike. As your bike leans onto the stand it provides a support leg that then allows you to rest your bike for storage in the garage at home or in between rides at the track. A lift stand or a static stand are the go to dirt bike stands when it comes time to perform most maintenance tasks on your bike as its allows you to pick up and hold off the ground either the front, rear or even both wheels.