Zac Speed was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2003, setting out with the intent to design the best backpacks possible to suit action sport enthusiasts. Nearly 2 decades on from that early aspiration, Zac Speed now offer an entire range of backpacks designed for some of the most rigorous activities you can carry out on your dirt bike.  Their range of hydration backpacks feature an amazing amount of customization, ensuring that you are sure to be comfortable on your bike when you get behind your handlebars for your next enduro adventure. Zac Speed have developed their offerings in a variety of sizes - The Comp 2 and 3 are small 2L and 3L packs respectively, and offer plenty of storage for your dirt bike tools and a mid-ride snack or two. The storage space increases as you venture through the range. The Zac Speed Sprint R-3 was primarily designed for shorter competition rides, the Zac Speed Recon S-3 offers an increase on storage to accommodate longer time in the saddle while the 22.5L Zac Speed Dakar Pack will see you comfortably a long way from home with everything you need and more.

As well as the hydration packs themselves, there is a slew of parts & accessories to dial in and configure you pack best. The Zac Speed Configr8 offers quick, tool-free adjustment to ensure optimized fitment of your pack. Add on the Octane Tech Vest to add more readily accessible storage, or the Zac Speed Exotec Chest Protector to keep your buddies roost from ruining your ride. Capture the ride safely with you action cam securely mounted in the Zac Speed POV harness. Also complementing the Configr8 harness in the Matrix Tool Pack, which can be used as a front or rear facing tool bag for ensuring comfort when fully equipped. The Zac Speed designers have certainly taken care of a lot of rider's wish lists when developing all of their products.