Dirt Bike Plastics are some of the most commonly replaced parts on a motocross or enduro bike. Whether you've had a woopsie out at the track over the weekend and your Radiator Shrouds are a bit banged up or you're simply looking to freshen up the appearance of your prized machine, plastics are one of the simplest and most affordable parts to replace. MXstore is proud to bring you the largest range of aftermarket dirt bike plastics in the country, as we know firsthand just how important it is to keep your machine looking and feeling as good as the day you first rode her. 

Out of all the different ranges of replacements plastics we stock (and trust us, there's a lot), the number one is definitely the Dirt Bike Plastics Kits. Often when you have had a crash bad enough to result in some busted up plastics, there's going to be more than one piece affected, so chances are the easiest way to sort the damage is replacing your entire kit. It's also much cheaper purchasing a complete plastics kit as a whole, rather than buying the individual pieces separately. And of course, for those of you who are interested in changing up the look of your bike or wanting to apply a new graphics kit, the complete plastics kit is going to be the way to go. You'll want to use the parts finder to see what kits we have in stock for your bike, but we generally stock OEM replacements for most models, as well as black, white, and even some fluro options for some of your more popular machines.

Plastics kits are certainly not our only popular range of aftermarket plastics though. We're loaded to the tilt with different Fenders and Mud Guards, Radiator Shrouds, Side Panels, Air Box Covers, Fork Protectors, Front Plates, and so much more! It's certainly possible to build yourself a complete plastics kit from the individual components, because we stock the lot, but as we've already mentioned, it's cheaper to buy it as a complete kit. The individual plastics are extremely handy on their own though, depending on what you're after. Replacing a banger up rear fender is a hell of a lot cheaper and easier than replacing the whole kit, and if you're applying some new numbers to your front and side plates, it's easy enough to just grab a front plate and side panels! 

And if you're unsure at all of how to remove and replace any of the plastics on your bike, believe us when we say it's one of the simplest tasks you can do when working on your motorbike. Typically all you'll need is a T-bar set (depending on your bike you may need various sizes), so head on over to the T-Bars page to check out our range. Other than that, you're pretty much ready to roll. We've put together this short video of removing and installing a new plastics kit to give you the run down, so be sure to give it a watch if you're at all unsure of how to do it.

As with all our products here at MXstore, if you spend over $20 on your order you'll qualify yourself for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia. We know buying bulky items like plastics can often be a pain when you see the freight charge attached to it, so we've taken that out of the picture! Win-win for everyone here. We hope you enjoy shopping our huge range of aftermarket dirt bike plastics, and as always, if you're struggling to find the parts you're after or having issues with our range, please get in touch with our Customer Service crew who will be more than happy to assist you in tracking down the parts you need!