Welcome to the home of motorbike Exhausts. We are your one stop shop when it comes to stocking up on anything exhaust related for your dirt bike, and even some adventure and road bikes too! MXstore prides itself on carrying the widest range of products possible, and our exhaust lineup is certainly no exception. With all the biggest brands in the industry on board, we've got you covered no matter what your preference. Yoshimura systems for your Honda? Check. FMF expansion chambers and silencers for your YZ? Check. Honestly, she's a pretty wide range, so you'll want to ensure you've selected your bike in the parts finder to check out what we have in stock for your machine. 

As most racers know, new Dirt Bike Exhaust Systems are one of the most influential performance upgrades you can purchase for your bike. Pure horsepower and torque gains are a result of upgrading your exhaust system, as well as often reducing the overall weight of your bike and even the ergonomics and aerodynamics of the machine. We've got exhaust systems from brands like FMF, Pro Circuit, Yoshimura, Akrapovic, and Bill's Pipes, for most of your more recent makes and models of dirt bikes. With different types and ranges of systems available across the different brands, there's plenty of titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber on display, so depending on your budget and wishlist, you can really spoil yourself! 

And if you're not keen on upgrading the entire exhaust system, we've got plenty of Slip-on Mufflers and individual Header Pipes available for your four-stroke machines. The slip-on mufflers are one of the more popular lines we stock, offering performance upgrades as well as improving the look of your dirt bike. Upgrading your header pipe is typically reserved for those racers who are fairly serious about their riding or those with excess cash and nothing else to spend it on (we're jealous!), so the slip-on mufflers are usually a safe option for the everyday punter out there.

Fear not, two-stroke riders, for we've got you sorted as well. Silencers and expansion chambers from FMF, Pro Circuit, and Bill's Pipes mean there's some serious machinery on offer, and if you're a fan of hearing those two-stroke machines sing, upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust option is going to make your heart pound. And there are some serious power gains to be made with most of the Dirt Bike Expansion Chambers and Silencers, so if you are a two-stroke rider who has a serious need for speed, use the parts finder to check out what options we have available for your machine today.

All of our exhausts here at MXstore will qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Australia (all orders over $20 will for that matter!), so don't let a fear of getting charged for freight hold you back from spoiling yourself and your dirt bike with a new exhaust. And if you have any concerns about the installation of the exhaust itself, don't stress; they're actually one of the easier parts to install. A set of T-Bars will be your best friend, and depending on what model of bike you have, that might actually be the only tools you need. Check out our exhaust system installation video on our MXstore Honda CRF450R, where we talk you through the steps involved in putting a new FMF Factory 4.1 Exhaust System on your bike. Happy shopping legends!