Keeping the maintenance of your dirt bike at a high level is super important to prolong the life of your engine and continue its high performance all year round. Gearbox engine oil choice is very particular for each bike and differs between each make and model of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Gear oil can be either semi-synthetic, fully synthetic or mineral motorcycle gear oil. We recommend checking the maintenance manual of the dirt bike and checking which weight and oil viscosity is best suited to your dirt bike engine. Transmission oil should be changed regularly in any two stroke dirt bike or four-stroke engine to keep the moving parts lubricated and ensure a wet clutch is always intact. Four Stroke engines usually contain an oil filter and this should also be replaced with the new engine oil.

Motor Oil and transmission fluid are supercritical in ensuring the lubrication of the clutch plates and the crankshaft to keep the engine turning your throttle input into raw power and prevent slippage! We stock a range of world leaders in the motor oil industry such as MotorexMotulLiqui MolySilkoleneCastrol, PenriteBelray, and so many more gearbox oils! All of these brands offer alternate products to keep your bike in the best condition and running smoothly. Items like Air filter Oil, Fork OilCoolantClutch fluid/brake fluids and more!