When it comes to dirt bike controls, the Renthal range of handlebars are second to none. The same can be said for Renthal grips when it comes to handlebar grips. Their motorcycle grip line up features a wide variety of compounds, various levels of tackiness as well an assortment of grip patterns to let riders dial in their ideal set up. Whether you are a motocross racer and your Renthal handlebars are matched with ultra tacky half waffle grips, an enduro rider giving the Renthal Full Waffle Soft Compound grips a run or a Renthal road fan using the Kevlar road race grips, the whole range of Renthal grips perform. Grips and handlebars are one area of bike setup that off road riders have a wide variety of preferences, and as such Renthal offer a variety of options. When it comes to compounds, the typical soft and medium compounds prove very popular, and the Renthal Dual Compound offers comfort and shock absorption where it matters while providing a firmer, longer lasting rubber compound flange and inner sleeve for increased durability. For patterns half waffle is the go to grip for a majority of riders. The full diamond firm and full waffle are growing in popularity. Don't forget to equip yourself with a set of Renthal Grip Donutz once you got your grips, as they will certainly help with dealing with blisters and other grip oriented hazards.