Barkbusters are one of those rare brands that seem to take over an entire market with only their name. Made in Australia since 1984, Barkbusters changed the dirt bike industry as we know it. You don't walk into a shop and say "I'm after some hand guards for my dirt bike", you walk in with a "I'm after some Barkbusters". So good is the quality of their products, the term Barkbusters became synonymous with the motorbike handguard category that many people simply thought that's what they were called. Of course, Barkbusters handguards are without doubt the best in the business, so it's no surprise that they end up on the handlebars of so many riders.

The heavy duty design of the original barkbusters were an absolute hit among the enduro and off road scene, where the iconic bar handguard protected the riders hands from impacts. Barkbusters have worked hard developing a bunch of new products to complement this original design and now have a variety of plastic guards that work in conjunction with the aluminium crash bars.  The Ego handguard, Barkbusters Jet handguard and Storm Hand Guards all feature slightly different designs to offer different performance benefits when taking on whatever conditions you find yourself. 

For those motocross riders not wanting the full on impact protection and just a lighter roost hand guard, the Barkbusters VPS handguards are a universal fit option that come in a wide variety of colours to suit the any model of bike. As well handguards, Barkbusters manufacture a wide range of accessories to allow you to make the most of your barkbusters, as well as the general cockpit of your motorbike. They make all the bar ends, bar end weights, mounting kits, spacers, risers and hardware kits that you might need to dial in your fitment, as well as wind deflectors and running lights to dial in the guards themselves.

When it comes to accessories on the handlebars, Barkbusters have got you covered. Of course, they'll always hold a special place in the hearts of those here at MXstore. Australian grown, owned, and operated, Barkbusters strives to provide high quality products to the Australian market at prices that overseas competitors simply can't match. If it's Aussie, we support it, and so should you!