To the modern-day motocross rider, performance is an important factor. Not only are we striving to maximise every ounce of performance from out of our dirt bikes, but we are also looking at ourselves to gain that critical edge over the competition. Be that on the racetrack in the heat of battle, or simply bragging rights within your riding community. Compression clothing can be an essential piece to the puzzle of gaining that edge in all disciplines of riding: Offroad, Enduro, ATV, BMX, and MTB! The compression gear is designed to be the base layer beneath your protective gearKnee guards are a great example, where the velcro strap can be in contact with the skin and cause irritation, this is eliminated with these dual sport breathable compression shorts/pants.

Wearing compression clothing can help you as a rider in a variety of ways. Compression garments are designed to promote blood flow and increase oxygenation of muscle tissue. In short, the more blood and oxygen the muscles receive, the better they perform when put under the stress of riding your motorcycle. This then can reduce muscle fatigue, be helpful in the repair of muscle tissue and decrease the amount of swelling obtained during the rigors of riding. Besides all the scientific data, they can also make the days riding better, purely on comfort. Increased comfort lends itself to increased enjoyment, which is the very essence of why we ride anyway.

Many motorcycle companies now understand this and provide compression clothing as an integral part of their range. These brands include Leatt, Alpinestars, Oneal, EVS, Fox Racing, Thor, Fly Racing and Troy Lee Designs, and can all be found at MXstore ready to ship to you immediately. So enjoy the ride and recover faster with some compression clothing added to your gear bag.