When it comes to off road riding, there's few people that can lay claim to the dirt bike experience held by Geoff Ballard. The multi-time ISDE World Champion has long been a gun enduro and motocross racer, and over recent years has taken his knowledge and experience to build the Ballards Offroad range of dirt bike tools and accessories. One particular area that the Ballards range has dialed is when it comes to tyre levers. Heaving gained a wealth of racing experience all over Australia and the World in a wide variety conditions, The Ballards tyre lever range accommodate any and all tyre changing scenarios. The Ballards ISDE tyre levers and power levers have been designed with mousse tubes in mind, and work exceptionally well in your workshop when combined with the Ballards Tyre Changer. If you are after a tyre lever to fit in your pack for each and every ride, then it is hard to go past the Ballards Ultimate Tyre Levers. These beauties combine enough leverage to pop a tyre of the rim, with a variety of spanner sizes to help manage any trail side repairs. The Ballards range can help you make up a solid repair kit for not a lot of dollars - the Ballards range of tyre levers, bumbags, bead breakers and pressure gauges will see you through the toughest of Transmotos.