Keeping your dirt bike shiny and preventing any rust build up on the machine is essential for keeping the bike in premium condition all year round. Silicone Spray Lube is a great preventative for these types of corrosion and imperfections. Spraying silicone spray on your engine components, moving parts and radiator hoses will keep an extra layer of protection on them before the next ride day. We recommend using these sprays on fenders and the swingarm as well just to ensure the entire bike is covered in a thin but effective layer of coating. Maxima SC-1 is super popular for motocross bikes. All models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki can be the portrait for these products to keep them looking brand new.

Brake cleaners are recommended for the brake rotors and degreasers are recommended for the breakdown of chain lube and other moving components on the off-road machine. To keep your new bike looking new, we highly recommend doing this after every ride! Silicone detailers and polish can be utilised on the aluminium and plastics to give an extra shine. Be sure to add these products to the wish-list next time you check out the FMF slip-on exhaust for your model of dirt bike.