One of the most crucial parts of a dirt bike or motocross race is your performance off the start line. Even if you are the fastest rider on the day, if you get a bad start you will be dealing with a pack full of slower riders and often find yourself being taken out by a swapper!

Races can be won and lost off the start, and although riding technique is responsible for most of your success off the start, there are a few dirt bike parts which can give you a significant advantage. So much so that most people do run holeshot devices now so if you don’t have one you are putting yourself at a disadvantage!

MXstore Australia carries a range of holeshot devices to cater to most late model Japanese and European motocross bikes on the market today. MXstore also has how to guides on installation and fitment of your holeshot devices so we have provided everything you need to be getting into that first turn before anyone else every time you launch off that start line.