Equipping yourself with a good quality motorcycle jacket is a must do for any type of motorbike riding. Commuting, touring and general dual sport riding all require a basic level of riding gear to keep you comfortable and safe when behind the handlebars. When your riding will focus more on off road, enduro and Dakar like terrain, that's when a good quality adventure jacket should be a part of your riding apparel. The comfort, safety and technology found in adventure motorcycle jackets has come on leaps and bounds in recent years as the humble textile jacket has developed into a versatile all weather piece of motorcycle gear. Modern jackets and adventure gear feature materials such as Gore-Tex, Cordura and Kevlar feature heavily to improve ventilation and abrasion resistance. Most jackets have some waterproof ability - an essential when heading out for a multi day excursion and wet weather may be on the forecast. Picking the appropriate jacket for the prevailing conditions and climate in which you mainly ride helps a lot with being comfortable. A mesh jacket with plenty of zippered ventilation will be a smart investment in warmer areas, whereas for cold weather riding, a jacket that features more insulation would be the better choice. Here at MXstore we stock a large range of adventure rally jackets, leather jackets, waterproof jackets and touring jackets from a wide array of manufacturers. Ballards, Fox Racing, Alpinestars, MotoDry and Macna are just some of the well known brands that we have available. Quite a few within these brands feature the ability to add in additional safety features such as back protector inserts and hydration packs for ensuring comfort on your ride. As well, you will find a large range of accessories to help with heading off on your adventure - we stock a lot more than just motocross gear.