The first point of contact between the ground and the motorcycle is the dirt bike tyres. At MXstore we offer a huge range of dirt bike tyres to our customers and provide the largest range Australia wide! As well as this we also hold a wide variety of bike tools to assist you in fitting your new tread and ensure you have the best grip possible when you hit the track next.

We have a selection of brands that offer high-quality products to help you get your mechanic work done with ease and quicker! Brands such as Motion Pro, Bikeservice, Ballards, Oxford, DRC and many more!

Offering a massive selection of tools such as Bead buddy's, Inner tube valve core remover tools, rim locks, Bead breakers, Valve stem replacements, tyre levers, Allen keys and screwdrivers to add to the toolbox. As well as full tyre change machines to add to the collection and complete the entire set up!

Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki we have a huge range of tools to suit each bike and satisfy the needs for all dirt bike tire changing tools.

Ballards offer the full range of tools including rim protectors to clip onto your aftermarket rims and ensure they do not get scratched or badly damaged by the tyre levers or tyre machine usage. Lever toolsets are available to choose from with up to 5 levers in one pack!

All of these tools are useful whether you run a standard tube or a tubeless system on your motocross or enduro off-road machine. Be sure to check out some of the heavy-duty Tubes that we keep in stock to upgrade from your OEM setup and keep the sidewall of your motorcycle tyre in good shape!