There is always one guy every time you go riding with your friends who has a bike which is ten times louder than everyone else’s. Motocross bikes and dirt bikes in general are noisy but a dirt bike with a worn out muffler packing is just unbearable!

Particularly on two stroke machines which also burn oil in their fuel, muffler packing can wear out quite quickly and make even the most crisp and fresh machine sound like a 20 year old wreck. So with this in mind and the fact that soiled muffler packing robs horsepower it is important to stay on top of this part of bike maintenance to ensure your bike sounds good and runs to its full potential.

MXstore stocks a large range of muffler packing to suit 2 and 4 stroke exhausts. We have a range of different styles of muffler packing available so have a browse on our online store and see what we have available.

Free shipping Australia wide applies to some muffler packing and MXstore has a friendly customer service team for support or any questions you may have making choosing the right product quick and easy!