Dirt bike engines are super complex and host hundreds of parts varying in size, strength and positioning to offer a perfectly engineered package for any motocross and enduro racer. Dirt bike engines hold many gaskets to join the bottom end and top end barrel which holds the crankshaft and your OEM piston kitBottom end kits hold many of the main bearings and engine parts whereas the top end is primarily a piston and cam chain for 4 stroke engines. 

We hold a huge stock of complete engine rebuild kits from Wiseco and Wrench Rabbit to give you the choice of a strong and reliable aftermarket upgrade/replacement when you decide to do a full rebuild. Obviously these kits are more expensive than some of the other engine parts and components to the dirt bike. Ways to limit the need for a full engine rebuild include regularly cleaning your air filter, replace gasket kits accordingly, clean the carburetor and fuel injection system every now and then, replace the water pump with a rebuild kit, use new seal kits and keep an eye on the clutch kit in your dirt bike. Doing smaller checks like these can mitigate the risk of needing a complete rebuild kit for your KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki.

Bottom end rebuild kits are very fiddly and need to be done with a precision we recommend seeking help from a mechanic to install the new kit and ensure it is done correctly, otherwise a lack of experience can, unfortunately, cause further damage to the engine.