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bagatkofff on 16 June 2020

Suzuki DR650 plastics

The Suzuki DR650 has been pretty much unchanged since 1997, yet there aren't any reasonably priced aftermarket plastic kits available for them. I can readily and buy a kit for my KTM, or many other brands of enduro or MX bike at a fair price, yet the only ones available for the DR650 are genuine replacement items at about twice the price of an enduro bike.....why doesn't a company like Polisport or Acerbis cater for this very popular bike.

27 September 2016


Back when I was 6, I started mx. My dad bought me my very own bike, motorcross gear, you name it ! When we sold our house in New Zealand, and moved to Australia, I sadly had to sell all of my motorbike gear and my trusty bike. Now that I'm older, there is nothing else I would love to do more, than jump back on the bike, rip skiddies, and kick the dust up. I now have bought a second hand bike, Yamaha yzf 250, and my first adult mx outfit. So happy ! I would happily ride a bike than go to work any day Serena, 19

18 July 2016

Way to go!

Way to use the internet to help people solve problems!

3 May 2016

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