Disc Guards are an extra piece of equipment used for a layer of protection against the rotors on your offroad or enduro dirtbike. Most enduro racers are encouraged to use a product like this to prevent bending the brake discs and potentially ruining the brake caliper as well.

We offer a range of over 100 front disc guards and rear disc guards to suit many common bikes in the industry in the hope that we can help prevent damage to brake rotors and keeping you riding more! These disc protectors are a perfect additive for the general motocross and offer a unique look as well! Generally the front disc covers are a reinforced plastic mould with carbon fiber options available for some models. Most kits come with the necessary bolt kits to fit onto your bike, others will need a separate kit and spacers, which is outlined in the products single description.

We offer world-class plastics brands such as AcerbisPolisportUFOCycra brake guards, and Ballard's Disc Guards! All of which are of high quality and performance. Offered between most of your EXC-F, RMZ, WR-F models and more. If you are a serious enduro rider and need a little more protection than that offered from OEM, we shave your brake rotors covered.