Air Filters are a key ingredient to your dirt bike running smoothly, so it's essential that you keep your air filter in mint condition. The key to an internal combustion engine producing power is the addition of oxygen to fuel, which is going to increase the ignition and made your bike go fast. Your air filter is going to be one of the main parts that aids in that process, with a nice clean filter ensuring the maximum amount of oxygen travels through to the engine, whilst making sure the dust and dirt are kept out.

The nature of dirt bike riding means your engine is trying to breathe through all kinds of dusty, dirty conditions. The only thing protecting your engine from the floating dirt is your air filter, so keeping on top of cleaning, oiling and replacing your air filter is a crucial part of bike care. Whilst it's perfectly acceptable to wash and reuse your air filters for a prolonged period of time, you need to make sure not to push your luck too far when your filter is starting to look a little worse for wear. For the small price of a dirt bike air filter, it's well worth frequently replacing these little beauties to ensure your bike is performing at maximum under the safest running conditions possible.

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All our air filters at MXstore over $20 will qualify for free shipping Australia wide, so check out the range today and we're sure you'll find what you're after. You might also want to check out the video below, where we talk you through the relatively simple steps involved in removing and replacing your air filter when you do get yourself a new one.