Back protection is a very key piece of the safety puzzle when equipping yourself for any form of motorbike riding. Both road and off road riding warrant the use of a well designed motorcycle back protector. For motocross and enduro riders, the protection for this area will usually come built into the body armour or chest protector that should make up a part of your staple riding gear - there is a long list when it comes to this typo of riding, but body armour and kidney belts are highly regarded. For those on the road, many motorcycle jackets come with built in CE level layers of protection, or allow the addition of a back protector insert to up the safety level. CE certified refers to protection items that have been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements - a standard that has become seen as the industry standard. 

For the off road crowd, brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese, Thor and Leatt (who are highly regarded for bringing neck braces to the masses) are just a few of the many who ensure that you have the best protection available. DriRider and Dainese provide road users with jackets that can come equipped with a spine protector, or the ability to add in a back insert easily. It doesn't matter if you are behind the handlebars out in the bush on your Honda or Yamaha trail bike, or on the highway on your Kawasaki or Suzuki sports bike, there's unfortunately no amazing forcefield that can keep you safe at all times, but good quality protective gear is certainly the first step.