Kids Motocross Boots come in a close second place behind the helmet as the most essential pieces of protective gear you should be wearing whenever you're riding a dirt bike, no matter what size or where you're riding. Lower leg injuries are one of the most common injuries when it comes to dirt bike riding, and trust us, they're definitely one of the most inconvenient injuries to have (speaking from experience here guys!). A decent set of motocross boots for your kids is always going to be a worthwhile investment, and with plenty of different price points and brands on offer, there's certainly something here for everyone. Our range of Kids MX Boots starts all the way down in the toddler sizes, going right up through to the adult sizes, so no matter size your children are, you can rest assured that we'll have a boot for them.

Now, before we get too deep into things, we highly recommend heading over and checking out our MXstore Motocross Boot Buying Guide, where we've compiled a heap of handy hints and tips of what to look for when it comes to buying a new set of motocross boots, whether for yourself or your kids. There's plenty of info in there to ensure you're equipped with all the knowledge you could need when it comes to making your decision, so it's well worth the time to take a read.

Our Youth Motocross Boots range here at MXstore is easily the largest available in the country, and we've got every brand of kids motocross boot you can think of. Our Alpinestars Tech 7s and Alpinestars Tech 3s Kids Boots are some of the most popular when it comes to higher end kids MX boots, along with Fox Kids Boots. We've also got kids motocross boots from Thor, Answer, Axo, Fly Racing, and of course the Oneal kids boots, which are definitely one of the most popular and affordable ranges of kids boots we sell. These are all decent motocross boots designed specifically for younger riders, and although the higher end boots are typically going to offer a better level of safety, the value-for-your-money options are the perfect choice for those kids who might not be racing at higher speeds.

Whatever kind of riding you're doing, no matter what discipline or what speed you're going, we highly recommend that it's absolutely essential you're wearing a recognized set of MX boots. It's far too easy to have the slightest of mishaps, and if you're not wearing decent protection on your feet, injuries are unfortunately a likely result. The absolute last thing we want is to be losing young kids from the sport of dirt bike riding due to unnecessary injuries, that could very well be prevented by ensuring they're riding with the correct safety equipment. We've made it our mission to stock the largest and widest range of Kids Motocross Boots possible that is accessible to every young rider out there, so we can continue to see the decline in dirt bike related lower leg injuries in the young riders out there.

To make things easier for you guys, we offer free shipping on all orders of Kids Motocross Boot here at MXstore, no matter where you are in Australia. This means you can spend more time ensuring your little ones are equipped with the right boots for their next ride, and less time worrying about paying extra shipping charges just to get your kids the protective gear they deserve. We want everyone out there to be as protected as possible every time they throw their leg over a bike, so covering the shipping on your orders is the least we can do. Fingers crossed you can find a set of Kids MX Boots that is going to be right for the little ones, and next ride is going to even better! Ride Safe legends.