Protective Gear

Protective Gear in Motocross is an absolute necessity. You don't want to be throwing your leg over any sort of motorbike without kitting yourself out with the required protective gear, and MXstore is your absolute one-stop-shop when it comes to any and every kind of motocross protective gear. There's a wide range of protective equipment available for dirt bike riding, some more essential than others, and many depending on what level of riding you're at. If you're only just getting started or you're simply interested in learning more about MX protective gear, you'll want to head on over and check out our MXstore Motocross Buying Guides, where we dive head first into MX Helmets, Boots, Knee Braces, Body Armour, and so much more, and give you all the info you could ever need when it comes to choosing your protection! 

Now, when it comes to motocross protection, there is nothing more important than your Motocross Helmets. Our MXstore Helmet Buying Guide is where you will find everything you need to know about why the helmet is such a necessity, so we'll just leave you with our golden rule for now - no helmet, no ride. Of course, while the helmet is the most essential piece of safety equipment, it's certainly by no means the only piece! Motocross Boots will follow in a close second place behind the Helmet, and of course, we stock one of the largest ranges of offroad boots in the world, so you'll be able to find a set that is absolutely perfect for you. Lower leg injuries are statistically one of the most common injuries sustained whilst riding a dirt bike, and a decent set of boots goes a long way towards protecting your lower leg and ankle.

For the adults out there, you'll be best served by checking out our entire range of Adult MX Protective Gear to see everything we have to offer. As we mentioned earlier, there's protective gear available pretty much from head to toe. In between your helmet and boots you'll find Goggles, Neck Braces, Body Armour, Kidney Belts, Elbow Guards, Padded Shirts and Shorts, Wrist Braces, Knee Braces, and more, in all sorts of variations and variety's designed to suit an almost endless range of body types and riding disciplines. One of the main keys to effective MX protection is getting products that are right for you. Sizing is one of the most important (and sometimes overlooked) aspects of investing in some protective riding gear. Luckily for you, we've spent some serious time and resources putting together an MXstore Protective Gear Sizing Guide to ensure you have the info you need to get the right gear for you.

And don't think we're neglecting the little ones or the women out there! We know better than anyone how many girls get involved in the sport of dirt bike riding, and the amount of young kids out there building a platform for the future of the sport is one of the reasons why we're so passionate about what we do. In addition to our adult ranges, we also stock a comprehensive range of Women's Protective Gear and Kids MX Protective Gear to ensure everyone can hit the track or trails with the protection that they need. Much of the same protection available in the adult's protection carry's through to the kid's line, ensuring that your little ones get the same protection that the older riders have available to them. 

Safety sits at the very forefront of our core values here at MXstore, so the Protective Gear ranges are without a doubt one of the most important categories to us. We want to ensure that everyone out there who throws a leg over a dirt bike has the best safety gear available to them, minimizing the risks of injury that do unfortunately come with riding dirt bikes. We've suffered more than our fair share of serious injuries here, and if we can work towards lessening the numbers and/or severity of injuries sustained by those involved in the sport in this country, we'll sleep soundly at night, knowing that we're making a difference to something that we truly care about.

Keep in mind that all orders over $20 will qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Australia, and if you're keen to get your goods to you fast, make sure you check out MXexpress shipping option, the fastest delivery service in the country! If you have any questions, enquiries, or issues regarding our ranges of Protective Gear here at MXstore, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 1300 871 290, or email