Among the 100,000+ products, we offer to our customers is our range of chain cleaner. Keeping your chain and sprockets clean from mud and dirt is important for extending the life of the chain. Your bike chain is the driving force underneath you while ripping around the track.

We have a display of chain cleaners from a few trademark brands such as MaximaMotul, Motorex and more! All of which are simple and easy to spray onto your motorcycle chain whether it's an O-ring chain or X-Ring chain to help keep grime out of your drivetrain. Lubricating your dirt bike chain is super important as well to minimise the build-up of mud whilst you are out throwing whips! We have a small selection of wire brushes and grunge brushes to compliment the chain cleaners and make the job a little easier for you!

Maintaining a clean chain also helps your sprocket teeth healthy and keep your chain guide from filling with unnecessary gunk. We recommend purchasing a chain lube and degreaser pack to ensure your chain maintenance is kept at a high standard and keep that rear wheel spraying roost!