Getting out and going for an adventure on your motorcycle is one of the greatest perks of owning a motorbike. Whether you are heading out to tackle the curves and bends of asphalt on your sports bike, or taking on a gravel expedition on your adventure machine, the thrill of just getting out and about is hard to match. If your ride includes other motorcycle riders on their own bikes, or even a pillion passenger on board, this experience can certainly be even better by improving your communication between your companions. Adding a Bluetooth motorcycle headset to your motorcycle helmets can keep you in constant contact with your riding companions, allowing you to safely know where your squad is at all times and just improve the experience with music and other benefits. Here at MXstore we stock what are regarded as some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets from renowned manufacturers Cardo and Sena. These 2 suppliers have established themselves as the leaders of the motorcycle headset/motorcycle intercom pack. Almost all motorcycle communication systems utilize Bluetooth 4.1 or higher, with several recent intercom systems utilizing newer Mesh network technologies. These bluetooth devices offer a range of up to a kilometre, where the newer Mesh networks can maintain contact at a greater distance. 

Within the wide range of models here at MXstore, there are varying levels of performance and price. Both Sena and Cardo models across the board feature some degree of waterproof rating, built in FM radio or the ability to connect in with your smartphone for phone calls and general audio features. Most models can be used with microphone kits and in helmet headphones that each manufacturers offer as accessories. The headphones that fit into your helmet liner are a more comfortable approach than ear buds or other in ear options, and offer a premium sound quality, particularly with a full face helmet.  As you head towards the higher end of the price scale, you tend to get the more assured long range service, as well as the options of such features as handlebar remote controls and increased battery life. Additionally, most models are offered in convenient pre-paired dual packs to allow you to just turn on and go. Don't hesitate to touch base with our friendly customer service team when chasing your new helmet headset.