Established in 1863 by Robert Friedrich Metzeler, Metzeler was a German company selling rubber and elastic goods such as sports equipment, toys and waterproof clothing. Over the past 150 years Metzeler has grown into one of the largest tyre companies in the world, specializing in Road, Offroad, Motocross and Adventure tyres. Used by many factory Enduro teams over the years like Ballard’s Off Road Yamaha and led the 2016 U.S ISDE World Trophy Team to victory.

The Metzeler MCE 6 Day Tyres were released in 2005, and have provided nothing but one of the greatest tyres to the market since. The FIM spec tyre was designed by world champion riders for the most extreme conditions, while also allowing a long lifetime. The famous diamond shaped knobs were firstly designed by Metzeler, and have now been taken aboard by other brands. This design combined with the high resistance carcass material offer will give you one of the greatest all round tyres of all time.

Designed for on and off road the Metzeler Karoo 3 are high quality, and will handle just about any terrain you throw at them and can be used on larger adventure bikes and lighter weight dirt bikes. The smooth road design helps with stability and handling on road while the differentiated spacing and ultra deep tread give the ultimate grip off road. Widely known as one of the most premium offroad adventure tyres on the market, the Karoo 3 is just what you need for those hitting the wide open road.

Metzeler have recently expanded their dirt bike range to include the all new Metzeler MC360, a widely rounded tyre that offers superior performance across all surfaces. Available in a mid-soft and mid-hard option, the MC360 tyre is one of the most advanced dirt bike tyres to hit the market in years. As with all products produced under the Metzeler brand name, the MC360 comes built to last, the durability that Metzeler is so well known for embedded into every single knob of these industry leading tyres. In a rapidly expanding Australian market, Metzeler is one brand that stands out amongst the competition, and we're yet to hear a single complaint against this well rounded tyre brand. Get involved with Metzeler tyres today and we promise you, you will not look back!