The Triple Clamps on a dirt bike are super important for the purpose of turning and holding the front forks into the position which also accounts for the front wheel. Triple clamps are secured to the front of the motocross or enduro bikes frame and require steering stem bearings and stem nut on the centre rod. Aftermarket triple clamps can offer a range of upgrades such as strength, customization, different pitch angle for shorter or taller riders and a unique look to your machine. The top triple clamp section holds the bar mounts which secure the handlebars to the motocross bike. The top clamp is also the top of the forks where the fork caps sit. Some triple clamps also come with a new bar clamp kit to give you an entirely new front end. The fork tubes are held through the top and bottom triple clamp sections with a few bolts on each side, needing a torque wrench to secure safely. 

These Triple Clamps are a direct replacement of OEM parts and are mainly applied racing products for your top-level riders. Aftermarket triple clamps offer a great rigid pattern and help to give the rider more feel when out on the track. The parts are available for most models of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki models.