When it comes to the motorsports industry, Renthal stands alone on the top step of the podium with their huge range of Rental parts and accessories. As a worldwide leader in handlebars, chains, sprockets, grips and accessories for dirt bikes, road bikes and ATV's, Renthal has been behind countless technological revolutions in aftermarket motosport parts. Formed in 1969 by Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal (REN-shaw and Rosen-THAL), Renthal first took on the motocross market back in 1975, based out of a production facility in Manchester, UK, where the company still lives to this day. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM all equip their production dirt bikes with Renthal products, so you know it's a brand and product that you can trust.

Renthal Handlebars are the cornerstone of the Renthal brand. Revolutionising the handlebar market with their huge range of Fat Bars, 7/8" Bars and Twinwall Bars, you'll find Renthal handlebars as OE on all Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM dirt bikes. Available across a wide range of different bends and colour options, Renthal handlebars are easily the most popular choice of handlebar in the motocross industry today. With names like Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, Eli Tomac, Justin Hill and Austin Forkner putting Renthal handlebars on the top step of the podium time and time again, it's easy to see why Renthal is staying at the forefront of the handlebar industry. Having won every 450 AMA Supercross title since 2011, Renthal handlebars know how to guide a rider to victory. Get yourself a set today!

Handlebars, however, are only as good as the grips used for a rider to hold onto them. Renthal have got you covered in this area too, and everyone knows there's nothing better than a Renthal handlebar and grips combination. With a huge range of options including half waffle, full diamond, ultra tacky and kevlar, available in soft, medium and harder compounds, Renthal Grips offer the ultimate control on a dirt bike. Paired with a set of Renthal handlebars, you'll be hard pressed to find a better control setup for your motorbike. And just for added measure, Renthal grip glue offers a premium adhesive for securing your new grips on your bars!

Another essential component of your machine is the drive. Renthal excel in the drivetrain area, with a massive range of both front and rear Renthal Sprockets to pair with your Renthal Chain. Offering a multitude of colour options in either the Ultralight or Twinring rear sprockets, Renthal sprockets can be seen racing around the world with Jeffrey Herlings, Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac putting them to the ultimate test every weekend. When it comes to getting maximum performance out of your motorcycle, it's hard to go past Renthal sprockets as your number one go-to sprocket brand. Unique flat face designs keep weight to an absolute minimum, whilst still maintaining the ultra strong feel required from a rear sprocket. And just to top it all off, they look epic!

Renthal knows that in this sport, championships can fall on the smallest of margins. A few millimetres, a couple of grams, a fraction of a second. These are the things that add up to a champion. Welcome to the world of Renthal, where winners are made.