Founded in New York in 1853 by the Swan & Finch company. Motul initially started it’s activity in the sector of high quality automotive lubricants. From 1920 the company expanded into international markets eventually being distributed to over 80 countries including Europe, India, The Asia Pacific and South America. 1971 was the year of innovation and the production of Motul 300V, the first 100% synthetic car oil on the market.

Further developments and innovations lead to Motul being considered one of the best oil companies in the motorcycle industry. As their range evolved the brand matured and Motul 2 Stroke Oil particularly Motul 800 is now the number 1 oil for riders of 2 stroke machines in Australia.

Motul have always favoured innovation, research and development which set the foundation for many close relationships with manufacturers in the high performance/ racing industry. Companies such as Nissan, Yamaha, Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki have all formed strategic alliances with Motul which has been the go to company for their performance lubrication needs. The Motul brand is now a household name in the Australian motorcycle industry dominating the market as the number 1 choice of lubricant for riders, retailers and workshops around the country.