An aspect of the motorcycle that is super important and crucial are the braking systems. With a front brake and rear brake fitted to each dirt bike there is optimum stopping power to bring your machine to a complete stop or slow right down into corners on the motocross or enduro track. Braking systems are efficient and include many components to acquire a working unit. Items such as Front Brake linesRear Brake lines, Brake line clamp, Brake pads, Brake Caliper, Master Cylinder, Brake fluidBrake lever on the handlebar and brake rotors make up the OEM braking unit on any motorcycle. Usually, the brake pads are the most common replacement in this system and are easily swapped out in a matter of minutes.

With the option to upgrade your brake lines to a braided line for better stopping power and improved brake feel. The OEM rubber lines can expand overtime on hard breaking and reduce the effectiveness of your motorcycle brakes. Stainless steel brake lines are highly recommended for extra strength and abrasion resistance while out on the track chasing your personal best lap time. The average racer will maintain the Brake system and use bleeders to service the hydraulic lines and ensure there are no air pockets that can affect the use of the brakes.