Dirt Bike Sprockets are some of the key components of the drive train of your bike, so they're definitely a part that you'll want to take the ultimate care of. With the amount of abuse your sprockets go through to get the power to the ground, it's no wonder that both your front and rear sprockets are considered a consumable product. Here at MXstore, we have made it our mission to carry as many brands, sizes, and styles of sprockets as we can, to suit as many models of dirt bikes out there as possible.

We stock front and rear dirt bike sprockets from all of the big brands out there, including Renthal sprockets, Supersprox, Talon Sprockets, Tag Metals, RHK, Pro Taper, and more. When it comes to rear sprockets, there are three main styles of sprocket available - Aluminium sprockets, Steel Sprockets, and a fusion sprocket made up of both aluminum and steel. Aluminum sprockets are typically a more lightweight option than their counterparts, although that comes with a slight downside of being a little less durable. Steel sprockets will certainly have a longer lifespan on the bike, although they can be quite a bit heavier than the Aluminum options. The fusion sprockets, like the Supersprox Stealth Sprockets, are designed to get the best of both worlds, with a lightweight aluminum center that's surrounded by a durable, heavy-duty outer layer of steel teeth, designed specifically to prolong the life of your sprocket.

When it comes to the lifespan of your sprockets, both front and rear, you can easily keep an eye on the health of them simply by looking at them. Although the first stages of wear aren't clearly visible, as the sprocket continues on its decline, you will start to notice the teeth wearing thinner and eventually becoming slightly bent over. Once you can visually look at your sprocket and see this kind of wear and tear, it's definitely time for a freshie! It's also usually a good time to replace your dirt bike chain at the same time, as these guys will typically have a similar lifespan and should always be replaced together.

When it comes to choosing the tooth size for your bike, it's often going to come down to two things - the type of riding you're doing, and of course your own personal preference. Setting up your gearing ratio (the ratio between the teeth of your rear and front sprockets) is going to determine how your engine drives the speed of your rear wheel, thereby determining how your bike gets its power the ground. A quick and easy explanation goes a little something like this: dirt bike front sprockets with a smaller teeth size are going to offer you more bottom end power (acceleration), while a higher teeth size on your countershaft sprocket will be geared towards a higher top end speed. Rear sprockets with a higher teeth size are going to be geared towards more bottom end, while smaller teeth size are aimed towards a higher top speed. Of course, getting the ratio correct between the two is going to be where the magic happens, and it may take some trial and error to end up where you want it to be.

Keep in mind that our customer service team is always on hand if you need any assistance with setting up your gearing ratio, and if all else fails, your stock OEM sprockets are usually a fairly safe go-to option. MXstore carries the biggest range of Sprockets in Australia, so whether you're a racer and want some lightweight, performance style Sprockets, or simply a weekend warrior just wanting a strong and long-lasting steel Sprocket, MXstore will have plenty of options that are just right for you, in a wide range of colours too! Ride Safe legends.