Having a good quality Motorcycle chain is essential for all offroad and on-road riding. No matter the bike or the engine capacity, your motorcycle chain is essential to keeping the bike moving forwards and keep the rear wheel turning. Chains go through an extreme amount of pressure and tension with every revolution and act as the driving force from the moment you twist the throttle and turn that engine power into speed. A chain is prone to wearing under the extreme conditions it goes through and eventually needs replacing.

Choosing the correct fitment for your bike is essential and choosing a good quality chain is highly recommended to decrease the likelihood of the chain snapping or wearing too quickly. We also stock chain links as a replacement part if needed. It is recommended where possible to replace your sprockets at the same time as your new chain to extended the life of the front sprocket and rear sprocket.
We have chains to suit full-size bikes and smaller kids bikes. Options include a range of heavy-duty chains with the options of O-ring and X-ring chains for those who desire specific types. Sizing includes 415, 420, 428, 520 Chains and 525 pitched chains. With the world's most popular and sought after brands on offer including Pro TaperD.I.DRenthal, RHK, EK Chains and more!

We also stock a range of replacement chain rollers in a range of sizes to complete your bike. While browsing the motocross chain section you may also like to view replacement items such as chain sliders and chain guides for your bike to ensure the chain is moving smoothly along its track on the swingarm. Chain lubes and chain cleaners are highly recommended to extend the life of your chain and minimize the risk of rust. Lubricate your MX chain before every ride where possible.