An unfortunate scenario that should be addressed when you own a motorcycle is that of properly securing your pride and joy so it doesn't end up in the hands of someone else. There are a wide variety of motorcycle security options available, the level of which will depend on how much your bike means to you as well as where your bike is at the time. For at home and in garage storage there are a wide variety of high security options such as chain locks and Oxford ground anchors to securely shackle your machine in place, where such things as weight and convenience aren't as important. When you are looking to secure your motorbike or scooter away from home, a heavy duty motorcycle disc lock is a solid anti-theft option to deter would be bike thieves. Available from a variety of manufacturers these high quality motorcycle locks work by allowing you to place a locking pin through your bike's disc brake disc to padlock your bike where it is parked. These disc brake locks are available as either alarmed disc locks or as a standard brake disc lock, with a sturdy stainless steel locking mechanism usually featuring a 10, 8 or 6mm pin. The alarm disc lock or standard disk lock option is one of the most convenient and easily transported security devices - other options such as chains or U-Locks are often far too cumbersome to easily take on the ride with you. Here at MXstore we have a huge range of disc locks from such brands as Kovix, Oxford and Kryptonite. As well, make sure you grab yourself a reminder cable to run from the lock up to your handlebars so you can avoid those embarrassing moments of forgetting to undo you own lock.