Way back in 1977, UFO creator Vito Consoloni found a way to infuse his fascination with aliens and passion to create a unique line of products, and the brand we know today as UFO was born. Vito took it upon himself to accomplish what few believed he could, and the endless nights in his small workshop in Tuscany, Italy, bringing to life fantastical ideas through hours of casting, polishing and swearing have certainly paid dividends. One of the most widespread and popular aftermarket plastics brands in the motorcycle industry today, UFO has long since established itself as one of the most dependable brands in the industry. UFO Plastics not only offer a premium product at an affordable price, but they look stylish as anything too!

While the brand is most well known for their plastics ranges, UFO also offer a wide range of chain guides and chain sliders here at MXstore. Offering an exact replacement of your OEM guide, UFO chain guides are constructed of long-wearing polyurethane to ensure you get the maximum life out of this vital piece of equipment. An ever expanding range, if you're chasing a replacement chain guide for your dirt bike, look no further than UFO. And while you're at it, chuck a UFO chain slider in for good measure, and protect your swingarm from chain wear with this easy to install part. If we don't have a guide or slider in stock for your bike, please let us know so we can work on completing our range!