Oil Filters for your dirt bike are worth their weight in gold, and given the extreme affordability of these little guys, there's really no excuse for not making sure your motorbike (or ATV or Jetski for that matter) engine is treated with the love it deserves. The lifeblood of any engine is the oil which is being pumped through the bearings and other vital parts, keeping friction to a minimum, and operating temperatures low enough to allow your engine to run to its full potential. As oil begins to wear out it becomes dirty and full of debris, like tiny metal shavings from natural engine wear or other foreign objects. Your oil filter is going to play a massive role in keeping your oil cleaner for longer, and ultimately protecting your engine from any potential hazards which could have your prized machine taking a dirt nap of its own.

Now, as we've already mentioned, these little beauties are cheap as chips (assuming your chips cost around the $10-$15 mark). Our personal favourites are the Ballards Oil Filters, a solid option at the cheapest price point, and we can personally vouch for how good these little guys perform! We also offer bulk buy options on the majority of our dirt bike oil filters, meaning you can stock up on a bunch at once and save yourself some precious dollars in the process. Sure, we'd love to have you coming back more and more frequently and stocking up on everything you need, but it's a safer option with your oil filters to ensure you're loaded up at all times, as there's nothing worse than going to do an oil change and realising you don't have any fresh filters ready to roll. 

We're really big on maintenance here at MXstore, and ensuring your bike is in the best, and therefore safest, running condition at all times is high on the priority list. Don't forget you can grab all your Four-Stroke Engine Oil at the same time as your oil filters, making this a one-stop shop for everything you need for your next oil change. There's even some pre-made kits available that come pre-packaged with everything you need ready to go, so if you're like us and enjoy the easy option, definitely check out what options we have available for your bike. The MXstore Parts Finder is going to be your best friend, so chuck your bike in and go for gold.

MXstore carries a wide range of oil filters for most models of dirt bikes out there, and keep in mind that if you place an order over $20 you'll score yourself free shipping to anywhere in Australia, making this one of the simplest and most convenient online shopping experience you'll find anywhere. Not to mention you're taking care of the most important thing in your life (your dirt bike - tell the wife we said sorry). Happy shopping legends!