Kids MX Neck Braces are one of the more pricey pieces of protective equipment on the market, but for a very good reason. These things are pretty impressive pieces of technology that have come a long way in the last few years, as brands and riders develop a better understanding of the human body and the way it moves in the event of a crash. The importance of a neck brace continues to grow by the day in the sport of dirt bike riding, and when it comes to kids safety equipment, we definitely rank the kid's neck brace up there with helmets and boots. There are several brands in the industry who agree with us on that one, and the development of the kid's neck brace ranges has been awesome to watch.

Before we go diving directly in the kid's neck braces themselves, we highly recommend you guys head on over to our MXstore Neck Brace Buying Guide, where we talk you through the history of the neck brace and how it has developed into the technical piece of protective gear that it is today. Stacked full of heaps of handy hints and tips as well as a mountain of useful information related to neck braces, it's definitely worth a read if you're at all unsure of whether you should make the investment in a neck brace, whether for yourself or for your kids. 

Now, MXstore carries an unmatched range of Youth Motocross Neck Braces, because we're big believers in ensuring that everyone out there has the protective gear they want available to them no matter what their circumstances are. Starting at the very youngest, our Atlas Broll Neck Braces are designed for the absolute smallest of riders out there. These things are a neat hybrid of a neck brace and a neck roll which is specifically designed for extremely small riders, whilst still offering the best neck protection you can get. We know a lot of kids start their riding from a very young age, so having an option like the Atlas Broll brace is an absolute must.

Moving up through the age brackets the range starts to expand, with all different kinds of styles and designs of neck braces available for the young riders out there. The Leatt Neck Braces are probably one of the more well known and higher end neck braces in the market, with both adults and kids options available. We've also got kids neck braces from brands like Alpinestars and EVS, while Oneal and EVS also have some fairly impressive kids neck rolls available, which are again a slightly leveled down version of a full neck brace. Leatt even have some Kids Neck Brace/Body Armour fusion options available, which combine your neck brace directly into your body armour as one piece, so they're definitely worth a look if you're after some serious protection.

All in all, ours Kids Neck Brace range is pretty solid all around, with plenty of options for different age groups and price points. We're also proud to offer free standard shipping on all of our kids neck braces here at MXstore, no matter where you are in the country. Spend more time thinking about how awesome your kids are going to look with their new neck brace (and more importantly, how much safer they'll be), and less time worrying about getting stung with any extra shipping charges. We want you guys riding safe out there, so whatever we can do to help ease the financial burden is going to help us sleep better at night. Ride Safe legends!